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Bring Your Tax Return To The Professionals

Lanny Weisman has been building trust with his clients for over thirty years in the Bohemia area. The staff at Weisman & Co., CPAs, handles tax preparation for individuals, business corporations, small business owners, families, and others. We are dedicated to the pursuit of finding the maximum amount of deductions and exemptions that best work for your situation. We always work ethically, so you can rest assured that your tax return has been done correctly. And, should the need arise; our licensed CPAs are ready and able to represent you to the IRS.

We understand that our Bohemia clients are concerned about their finances in a constantly evolving economy. That’s why our tax service encompasses strategies for the future in addition to your current return. We can help you come up with a far-reaching approach to your tax strategy, so you may lower your overall tax burden and increase your wealth. Working with Weisman & Co., CPAs will give you a complete relationship with your accountant.

Where Are Here When You Need Tax Help

Bohemia residents and businesses can contact us for an initial consultation by calling 631-761-6755. When meeting with a CPA from Weisman & Co., be prepared to discuss your financial history. Bring records with you such as:

  • Past tax returns
  • A W2 from your current employer and anywhere you’ve worked in the past year
  • All 1099 forms, if you have applicable investments or work as an independent contractor in Bohemia
  • Documentation of interest you’ve paid such as a mortgage, business loan or student loans
  • Receipts or other records of significant expenses
  • Any other paperwork you feel might be helpful to your tax preparer

Call Today For Your Complimentary Consultation

The professionals at Weisman & Co., CPAs are available to answer all of your tax related questions. The tax codes in the US are always being updated and revised. Our certified accountants keep up with all of the details that might affect you, your family or your business. Contact us at 631-761-6755 now to learn more about how we can help with your tax preparation needs this year.

Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck
Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck